The Roll of Honour

If you design or create something exceptional for BECOME A VIKING, that exceeds our expectations, you may be added to the BECOME A VIKING Roll of Honour and awarded the recognition you deserve and rewards that money can't buy.
Hail and well met
For example, a Viking arrives in the city of Jorvik in the year 975AD with the clothes on their back and a few coins in their pocket. Chances are they'll be hungry and tired. They'll need food and shelter but how are they going to get that?

• Will they use the few coins they have to buy food and rent a room?

• Will they steal food, sleep rough and hope no one catches them?

• Will they request local Viking hospitality but what will their host want in return?

That's three ideas that could become activities to get food and shelter. Now imagine how many different activities you might need to learn a craft, become a merchant, sail a ship or fight in a battle. If you have an idea for a Viking activity please use the following link to send us a message* with the details of your idea and if we use it your name may be added to the BECOME A VIKING Roll of Honour.

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*All submissions must comply with our terms of use.

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