Reality Reloaded is developing an authentic online recreation of the real world at different eras in time. The first of these is BECOME A VIKING. Visitors to BECOME A VIKING will be able to connect to an authentic online recreation of the Viking era where they can live a virtual life as a Viking and learn the skills they will need to survive in the 10th century. Viking experts and enthusiasts from around the world are supporting and guiding the ongoing development of BECOME A VIKING. These people bring a wealth of experience to BECOME A VIKING but the most important thing they bring is their passion for the Viking era.
Working at the forge
Reality Reloaded will encourage and support visitors to BECOME A VIKING to design and create sagas, crafts, events, tournaments and battles for the Viking era. If someone designs or creates something truly exceptional for BECOME A VIKING, that exceeds our expectations, that person may be added to the BECOME A VIKING Roll of Honour and awarded the recognition they deserve and rewards that money can't buy.

Reality Reloaded is also in the process of establishing a Viking Market and Forum as well as producing "The Viking Chronicle", a free newsletter created by the Viking community for the Viking community. If you would like to know more about Reality Reloaded please use the following link to send us a message*.

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Jorvik Viking Centre
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